Mind Control in Germany and Europe

About Brain Control, Voice to Skull and Gang Stalking


Project Against a Radiant Future grafik: deutsche fahne

Contact details: How victims or activists can get involved in the project and possibly participate in a realization

Contact Persons

Georg (Hanover / Lower Saxony, Germany)

Detlef Müller (Minden / North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany)

How to contact us

logo: betroffenengruppe für tisPeople interested in the 'Project Against a Radiant Future', living there later or would like to support the project passively or actively, can send a message to the 'Betroffenengruppe für TIs in Deutschland'.
Alternatively she/he can get in touch with us via website comment or social media.

contact form - send message

website - http://bftid.mind-control-news.de

facebook - https://www.facebook.com/Mind.Control.News

twitter - https://twitter.com/MindControl_eu

Logo Creative Commons

PHOTO: birgitH / pixelio.de

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