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About the Living Space Project

logo: betroffenengruppe for tisThe concept for the maritime estate is being prepared by the 'Betroffenengruppe für TIs in Deutschland', published and disseminated through the social media. Ask the project activists to confess other victims about the 'Project Against a Radiant Future' - thanks!
Targeted Individuals and Electrosensitive people are welcome to participate actively. For the discussion about design and realization, the forum is available for TI topics. - -- see: Forum

The project proposal should be understood as a first attempt in Europe to trigger further initiatives of this kind. Groups in other European countries should be encouraged to start their own community projects.


After discussions with other TIs, the living space idea is regarded positively. Among most of the interested people, however, there are too many questions before the idea how living together in reality might look like.
The everyday problems of an irradiated target person seem to burden too much to be able to develop visions for their own future.

One year after publication, the impression emerges that living and living in community is only suitable for a small part of the German TIs.

Interested People

A long-term or permanent stay in a community habitat has shown strong interest:

Georg (Hanover / Lower Saxony)

Detlef Müller (Minden / North Rhine Westfalia)

Marie-Luise von Neuberg (Karlsruhe / Badem-Wurttemberg)

Hadia Fehlauer (Heidelberg / Baden-Wurttemberg)

Rosa Bischoff (Munich / Bavaria)

Emily Freimann (Chemnitz / Saxony)

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