Mind Control in Germany and Europe

About Brain Control, Voice to Skull and Gang Stalking

Living & Housing

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About living and future residents: project characteristics that emerge after previous discussions ...

Who can become resident?

The offer will be aimed at people from the German-speaking countries and other European countries who are affected by mind control attacks or suffer from strong sensitivity to electrosmog.

Similar groups of patients not previously mentioned as possible residents are not excluded.

Duration of stay

The living space to be created should enable interested people ..

  • Unlimited duration - living & life without time limit
  • Longer term - stay for a longer period of regeneration
  • Radiation-free vacation - 10 days to a few weeks
  • Taster stays - a few days

Neighboring living and housing space

Every lasting coexistence of persons brings with it friction points, conflicts. This is an experience that eco-social joint projects make again and again. To minimize the risk of disputes, individual living space is necessary. Every resident needs a personal living space, his "own four walls".

In eco-social communities, it has proved beneficial to accommodate only residents of "similar wavelength" in one building. Between different mentalities a spatial distance should be created by open spaces between buildings. This creates neighborhoods of people with similar mentalities.

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