Mind Control in Germany and Europe

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Locality, Nature & Climate

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Selection criteria for the target region and the local situation

Quiet location - no Loneliness

The habitat for TIs & Electrosensitive should be on the edge or away from residential areas. He must not be too isolated and lonely. The next village and the next small town should be reached in short time.

If the property arises in a non-German-speaking country, it is necessary to establish contacts with emigrants from Germany and to build friendships with them.


The property must be expandable and expandable. This means that it is sufficient to lease land or land permanently, or to buy, if necessary, to build further residential or commercial buildings and to increase the total area of ​​the outdoor area.

At the moment, the 'Bright Future Project' is still very theoretical. But it could be quick, once the "node of resignation" has come off. As many long-term Targeted Individuals know, there is a huge need. It could come to a "run" of interested people. An expandability must be considered.

Natural Environment

Green nature, small or large wooded areas, trees and natural grass as well as mountain streams at a short distance are beneficial.

Moderate climate please!

Climatic conditions: In summer, the temperature should be warm but not too hot. Ice cold and long winters are less favorable.

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