Mind Control in Deutschland und Europa

Über Bewusstseinskontrolle, Voice to Skull und Gang Stalking


Weblinks: Sich als Opfer bei Sammel-Petitionen zu melden und online Forderungen zu unterzeichnen sind für Targeted Individuals Möglichkeiten, sich zu wehren.


Targeted Individuals können sich hier als Opfer illegaler Strahlenüberfälle melden!

A.C.T.I.V.E. - https://tisurvivor.wordpress.com

John Finch (November 2015) - peacepink.ning.com

TI Event (2015) - www.ti-event.com


change.org, August 2016 - BAN-MICROWAVE RADIATION TORTURE/HEAT WEAPONS (Electronic Harassment) ON JACKSON & IN U.S. [neu]

change.org, Juni 2016 -  Stop organized stalking, covert surveillance and harassment [neu]

change.org, März 2016 - Lasst den ex-ARD-Journalisten Christian Welp endlich schlafen!

AVAAZ.org, Januar 2016 -
The Europian Court of Human Rights: Investigate and outlaw Gang Stalking and Electronic Harassment

Petition2Congress, 2016 - Government Gang-Stalking and Electromagnetic Torture

change.org, November 2015 - Illegal Human Kidnapping and Torture (en)

change.org, Oktober 2014 - Ban Neuroweapons (en)

MoveOn.org Petitions - End Covert Electronic Harassment (en)

AVAAZ.org, Dezember 2014 -
Petition European Parliament: Outlaw gang-stalking, community-mobbing and community-policing

change.org, 2013 - To Completely Eradicate/ Stop U.S. Government Covert Harassment & Stalking!

AVAAZ.org, Juli 2012 - Law prohibiting electromagnetic and mind control weapons in Europe

GoPetition - Verbiete ferngesteuerten Manipulation des Nervensytems

Petition bei we-sign.it - http://mindcontrol.wesign.it (fr) | deutsch

ipetitions - Ban Electronic Warfare on Civilians


Lange internationale Emailliste, um bei der UNO, EU, Amnesty, bei der US- und anderen Regierungen auf das Mind Control-Problem aufmerksam zu machen.

peacepink-Kampagne - Here is some more activism – please participate!

Eingaben, Beschwerden bei Behörden, Staatsanwaltschaften

e-waffen.de - http://www.e-waffen.de/schriftwechsel.html

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  1. Petition


    habe diese Petition gefunden. Sie hat sooo wenige Unterschriften. Da kommt Mitleid hoch. Darum bitte ich alle um Unterschrift und Verteilung. Danke.

  2. Automatischer Tod der Täter

    Bis die Petitionen bearbeitet werden, kann man hoffen, dass einem die Mörder von alleine wegsterben, da Mikrowellen mit einem Magnetron arbeiten, das widerum nicht nur die ionisierende Strahlung wie gewollt produziert um jemanden damit zu töten, sondern auch im Ursprung radioaktive Strahlung freisetzt und so an der Quelle sebst für eine Verstrahlung sorgt. Auch die Waffe selbst dürfte immer mehr zum Strahler werden. Klar wird man sagen, dass ist unter dem Grenzwert aber die Strahlung ist nicht NULL!

    "High voltage magnetrons emit a significant intensity of X-rays not only from the cathode sidearm but also from the output waveguide. These rays can constitute a health hazard unless adequate shielding for X-ray radiation is provided. This is a characteristic of all magnetrons and the X-rays emitted correspond to a voltage much higher than that of the anode."

    Quelle: http://physics.stackexchange.com/questions/96671/does-the-cavity-magnetron-in-a-microwave-oven-produce-x-rays

  3. Information for Apartment/Flat/Mietshaus Dwellers


    (or, The Government may be Spying on You)

    The apartment above or below yours is a great place from which to spy on you. Forward looking infrared (FLIR) cameras, augmented with motion detector switches, can be used to track every movement you make in your apartment. Here are some indicators to listen and watch for.

    Suspicious quiet (or, the dog didn’t bark): You know someone’s up there but the neighbors never take a bath, shower, flush the toilet, or use the washing machine, clothes dryer, dish washer or garbage disposal.

    Suspicious noises: You just got up from your living room recliner and moved to the kitchen and someone upstairs did the same thing. What a coincidence! Do you ever hear the sound of cables being dragged across the floor when this happens? At other times do you hear the thumps or clicks of motion detector switches upstairs when you move from one room to another?

    Work Schedules: Do people upstairs arrive or depart in seemingly regular shift change intervals? A twenty-four hour surveillance stakeout might be divided into eight-hour shifts, for example a day shift from 5 AM to 1 PM, an afternoon and evening shift from 1 PM to 9 PM, and a graveyard shift from 9 PM to 5 AM.

    External Coordination: Do people in the parking lot - in close proximity to the apartment of your “neighbors” and yours - spend excessive amounts of time checking their IPhone messages? Are they checking “monitoring lists“ (Google it!)?

    Late night meetings/parties outside the building: Do small groups of people gather at one end of the building late at night, perhaps between midnight and 4 AM? Do these events occur at regular intervals, say at weekends near the end of the month? Does a police vehicle occasionally deliver or pickup some of the attendees? Are there empty bottles, beverage cans and/or bottle caps there in the morning? Morale must be maintained! Information must be passed down!

    Parking space assignments: Do certain vehicles (not white vans) get preferential parking near the apartment of your “neighbors“ (and yours) in the parking lot? Look for military base registration decals - no longer required but possibly still there - on those vehicles.

    Is the surveillance stakeout common knowledge to a few of your neighbors?: Do members of the apartment association board (or their family members) or others know about the stakeout? Perhaps it’s time to start attending the board meetings!

  4. Dear All,

    I am victim since 2013. They ruined my life and refuse to stop. I'll be glad to speak with people aware and ready to fight for their rights.

  5. My contacts: krasimirark@abv.bg/ krasimira.krusteva@outlook.com

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